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charity + non-profit services

new or refreshed branding
website strategy + consultation
social media + marketing strategy + roadmap
Supporting charities and non-profit organizations with

+ design
logo + graphic design
I have helped organizations get to the next level when it comes to their overall branding and how they communicate their services to the world. I have become expert in understanding the unique needs of these types of organizations, the tight budgets and the mission oriented outlook.

I provide reasonable rates, as well as clear and actionable strategies that can be easily executed and have impact on fundraising, brand awareness and community engagement.
I would love to talk to you about your needs and how I can support you. Get in touch. • 647-924-8820
Non-profits and charitable organizations can sometimes neglect their brand identity, with other things taking priority - and for good reason. Community outreach, fundraising, front-line work, awareness raising and more can all be benefited by a clear brand and marketing strategy. I can support your team in finding the right way to represent your organization visually and throughout all your communications.

There’s a lot I can support you with - a new or refreshed logo, a cohesive aesthetic, a marketing strategy that can be used to increase engagement.

I will tailor my services to your needs and support you in finding solutions to your marketing and communication problems. I will set you up for success so you will be able to implement these strategies and communication devices in-house.

I have reasonable rates, because ​I think your work is important and should be amplified. • 647-924-8820

a bit about me:

I'm a graphic designer + photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I have a background in fine art, film and digital photography, graphic design, social media + e-commerce.

I would love to help you with your project.
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